Wee Rascals – Amber Infant Black Anklet 15cm

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Wee Rascals


Amber INFANT Black Anklet from Wee Rascals

Approximately 15cm

Genuine Baltic Amber Made in Lithuania

Amber is naturally occuring and due to being handmade each piece is unique. Sizes and colours may vary slightly

For Teething:

Natural Baltic amber teething necklaces have anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties, which make these necklaces the ideal solution for parents looking for a natural product to relieve the symptoms of teething. Natural Baltic amber will promote fast healing and boost the immune sys-tem. It will aid in the reduction of acidity in the body, redness in the cheeks due to teething, swollen gums, nappy rash, and fevers.

For Breast Feeding:

In addition to the therapeutic aspects of having Baltic amber near the breast during feeding, which may help to reduce inflammation, tenderness and mastitis, A nursing necklace is designed to appeal to your baby’s senses – vision, touch, hearing. Wearing a nursing necklace refocuses your baby during feeding time, encouraging baby to explore the nursing necklace beads, rather than your hair, your clothing, or anything else near her. As baby grows they will begin to recognise the necklace and associate it with feeding and the comfort of mum.

Other Benefits:

There have been many noted benefits from wearing Baltic amber including -reducing psoriasis and eczema, alleviating stress, stimulation of the thyroid gland, aids in blood circulation, aids in the reduction of fevers, allergies, eases muscle pains, asthma, mastitis, growing pains, and pain associated with arthritis, boosts immunity, reduces inflammation (of throat, ear and stomach infections, and respiratory illness), accelerates wound healing, mood balancing, lessens depression, it aids your memory and intellect, helps with emotional calming and centring, it can be a natural antibiotic, it has positive effects on the heart and nervous system. Amber is a perfect remedy for abdominal, bladder, kidney, liver, blood, and eye trouble and it also aids in producing tissue revitalization. Amber draws disease out of afflicted areas and neutralizes negative energy allowing the body to heal itself.


Wash your Amber in warm water and leave in the sun to dry if you feel there is a build up of soaps, dry and dead skin or any other things. These will all stop it from releasing its minerals into your skin and act as a barrier.

Spread one drop of olive oil over the amber with a soft cloth and buff until the olive oil is no longer present. This will restore the amber to the original shine.

Remove your amber necklace gently after wearing and avoid hitting it onto a counter or other hard object. Amber is brittle and may break with extreme force.

Store amber beads in a jewelry bag, pouch or jewelry box. This keeps the amber away from other pieces of jewelry that may hit the amber and break it.

Semi Precious Necklaces must not be worn in water at any time – the necklaces will move on the knots or if on wire will rust – these are not covered by warranty if they are not cared for properly. Please remove your necklace when wearing in water at all times to prevent movement, rust, knots slipping, clasp going black or becoming loose etc.

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Weight 15 g


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