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Cushie Tushies

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Bamboo reusable breast pads are a little bit of nature’s luxury just for Mum. Soothing and absorbent, this modern take on an age-old product is very simple to use and provides an effective and far more comfortable alternative to disposable pads.

Washable and reusable, our breast pads feature a layer of bamboo and organic cotton – this fabric is super soft and low allergenic on sensitive skin, plus is extremely absorbent. A hidden waterproof layer helps prevent any leaks through onto your underwear.Cushie Tushies reusable breast pads do not contain the bleaches, perfumes or other harsh chemicals used in making disposables, making them the ideal choice for protecting sensitive skin.Using Cushie tushies cloth pads can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40%! They use less water and energy to produce and use and do not contribute to landfill like disposables.

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